To implement a component library that meets the accessibility requirements for Android, iOS and Web.

React Native Web#

React Native Web enables rendering React Native components on the web. This allows us to create components for Android, iOS and Web in a single codebase.

Why not directly use React Aria with React Native Web?#

Firstly, React Native Web has all the features to implement accessible web apps.

However, props spread from React Aria hooks don't always work with React Native web components (View, Pressable).

For example:

Additionally, future versions of React Native Web will deprecate the usage of aria-* attributes as mentioned here. Since v0.15, each aria-* attribute has equivalent accessibility* mapping.

React Native ARIA ensures that hooks from React Aria work as expected on React Native components and provide accessibility equivalents when used on iOS and Android.


React DOM elements (div, span, etc) work well with React Native Web and you can totally use that with React Aria. In that case, you may not need this library.

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